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My role is to manage the Regional Land Use Partnership as part of the Scottish Government pilot. So far, this has involved setting up systems; commissioning initial research; and developing a program of activity. This is overseen by a small, initial Project Board with input from a wider group of people who give their time, and share their knowledge, through the activities so far. We are all working to inform and figure out the way forward with the Regional Land Use Project in the NW2045 area. We are working in line with Scottish Government ambitions and also importantly, in line with the NW2045 Vision.

My Story

I grew up in Tongue; was a hosteller for my high school years in Golspie then headed off to Glasgow School of Art, returning as a recent Graduate following a short time in Kolkatta, India. I was determined to come back to the north and forged a living combining self-employment with employment.

I worked for third sector organisations then moved into the public sector. A formative period was spent within The Strathnaver Museum and then the Mackay Country project, the latter led by Dr I MacPhail. This research project was rooted in what is now badged as the NW2045 area. I was one of a team of community-based researchers who listened, learned and gathered knowledges from across the settlements of this ancient province of Mackay.

Spending the last 10 years working for HIE added different experience: enabling and supporting the vital social economic development roles that community-based organisations deliver. I also achieved a MSc in International Tourism and undertook research exchanges within Scotland and further afield to Iceland; Slovenia and Hungary. And last but not least, I became a parent. All of this lived experience contributes to my understanding of the what goes into living in the north, and what we might achieve together in our communities- for now and for the future.

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