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Northwest Highland 2045

Why create a vision for the North West Highlands?

The NorthWest2045 project has been established by a diverse group of local organisations - community groups; local development trusts; statutory bodies; and community, private and eNGO landowners - from across the North West Highlands, from Coigach in the south, north to Durness and east to Bettyhill.

We are creating the critical mass we need to improve our prospects, strengthen our voice and make best use of our resources by working together across the area to create a future where our communities thrive economically, socially, and environmentally.  

We want our population to grow sustainably, job opportunities to broaden and average salaries to rise.  We think this will require a resilient and diverse economic base which makes the best use of our natural assets while enhancing local skills and opportunities. 


We believe creating a collective, long-term vision for the future (to 2045) gives voice to the desires and needs of the people of the North West Highlands and help us work together to make our aspirations reality. This will be critical if we are to meet some of the challenges we face (climate change, Brexit, recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and changes to rural subsidies) in a way that is beneficial to our future prospects.

We have many assets to build on: resilient communities and strong community ownership and action; a world class landscape; a range of businesses contributing to the Scotland brand (food & drink, tourism); and abundant natural assets in the marine and land environment.

In early 2021 we embarked on an ambitious consultation across the area which produced a community-led Vision. You can read more about it here.

The Vision has resulted in various opportunities developing in the area, such as the Regional Land Use Partnership and the Repopulation Zone. We will share more information as these initiatives develop.

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