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NorthWest 2045 Meetings  

The group holds brief, informal fortnightly meetings to catch up on developments; share ideas and opportunities and discuss issues. The main discussion areas and decisions are captured below. 

26th October


The main focus of the conversation was our response to Scot Gov Consultations. Those present agreed that this process is worthwhile, but the method can be refined.

In addition: the nature of the involvement of bodies such as HIE should be carefully worded to reflect loose partnership.

  1. Current focus: Land Reform Bill (deadline 30th October).

    • Land Reform in a Net Zero Nation - Scottish Government - Citizen Space (

    • Lizzie has received responses to the internal NW2045 questionnaire for which she is very grateful and recognises the large amount of effort required.

    • Lizzie will consolidate the 3 responses + the SWT & JMT responses that have been shared, and distribute this for comment, with swift turnaround.

      • There will not be consensus on some points but it is important to represent the diverse views.

    • It is important to establish how our consolidated response will be received by the civil servants, to inform future efforts.


  1. Future efforts, ie Agric Bill (deadline 27th November)


Other updates:

  • Martin has resigned from HIE; he will be working until Christmas, when he leaves for a new job in Nova Scotia. We thank him for all his hard work and wish him all the very best.

  • David Bell shared a link to a BBC programme which aired last night (and features David): ‘Who Lives in Scotland?’

  • Boyd drew our attention to an event hosted by Highland Council, NHS and WildLand re the North Sutherland Health & Social Care Hub. Durness, Weds 2nd November, drop-in 2-7pm. (poster attached).

  • Laura requested clarity on the current structure of RLUP and NW2045.

  • SLC are holding a series of ‘Land @ Lunch’ bitesize briefings: Events - News & Events - Scottish Land Commission. Alternate Wednesdays (next is Weds 2nd Nov).


  • Frances, Rachel and Lizzie have since discussed the oft-requested ‘full’ NW2045 meeting. We suggest Weds 9th November for a 2 hr meeting to discuss where the NW2045 has got to, and where you would like it to go. Details to follow.

7th September 2022

  • Introduction by Boyd Alexander - Highland Council NW2035 Repopulation Officer - on his role and the work going ahead. The group discussed:

    • the HC Open Market Purchasing scheme

    • crofting tenured land 

    • planning 

    • data needs

    • the drivers of housing needs - with initiatives underway by Melness Crofters' Estate and Highland Coast Hotels mentioned.


  • The next meeting of the NW2045 was discussed and agenda items suggested:

    • the role of NW2045 as a wider/ broader community forum

    • the next steps from the NW2045 Vision.



  • Actions agreed:

    • NW2045 meeting to be planned (Rachel / Lizzie to take forward).

    • Discussion with HC about how NW2045 can usefully provide updates to relevant forums/ groups.


For more information please contact Rachel Skene or Lizzie Williams.

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