The NorthWest2045 project has been established by a diverse group of local organisations with a common desire to see a future where our communities thrive economically, socially, and environmentally.   


We believe creating a collective, long-term vision for the future (to 2045) will give voice to the desires and needs of the people of the North West Highlands and help us work together to make our aspirations reality.


During May/June 2021 we engaged widely with residents across the area through interviews, workshops and a survey. From these sessions key findings emerged which have informed the now launched vision.  You can find these here the 'draft analysis summary'.


One of the goals within the vision is to take forward 'A new Regional Land Use Partnership to support green economic recovery' .  The NW2045 Regional Land Use Partnership (RLUP) is in the early stages of developing and we will share more about this soon. One of the 1st actions so far has been to commission research into the natural capital of the area.

You can read more about this here.