The NorthWest2045 project has been established by a diverse group of local organisations with a common desire to see a future where our communities thrive economically, socially, and environmentally.   


We believe creating a collective, long-term vision for the future (to 2045) will give voice to the desires and needs of the people of the North West Highlands and help us work together to make our aspirations reality.


During May/June we have been engaging widely with residents across the area through interviews, workshops and a survey. We are now sharing the key findings emerging from this engagement as an open resource for people to view and comment on; please download here the 'draft analysis summary'.


It is key that the content of the vision alongside any activity is created, owned and led by our local communities, so we want to hear your thoughts to help us further develop this draft into a strong vision and statement of  shared ambition for the future. The contents will be discussed at three community workshops through the first week of June and we are also very happy to receive comments direct  through the contact page of the website or via this very short survey;