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What does the land do for us? 

1ST NW2045 Natural Capital Baseline Assessment published. 

We are proud to be sharing the first Natural Capital Baseline Assessment of the NorthWest2045 area, which was undertaken as part of the Regional Land Use Partnership work (RLUP). 

The RLUP team worked with SLR Consulting, who used publicly available data sources and computer modelling. The study produced interesting findings about the distribution of biodiversity and stored carbon within the NW2045 area, and helped us understand what it means to ‘take a natural capital approach’ to land use decision making.

The process highlighted the challenges around availability of data, and of communicating about ‘natural capital’ – something we have worked on in the intervening months. This assessment was a starting point, rather than being comprehensive, and has served as an important step on our natural capital journey.

We are involved in and developing various other pieces of collaborative work on this issue, and – as always – seeking input from communities, landowners and land managers across the area.

If you have any questions about the NCA process, our developing work on Natural Capital, or any other aspects of the work, please do get in touch.

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